Ibn Khaldun Prize

In order to encourage participation of and encourage publication by young economists (defined as having no more than six years beyond the PhD), the Middle East Economic Association (MEEA) offers a Prize, the Ibn Khaldun Prize,  to a young economist submitting a paper before December 10 of the year for which the award will be made. The paper should be one presented in a meeting, workshop or similar organized by MEEA during that calendar year or in the subsequent January meeting in the next calendar year. Co-authored papers can be considered.

Winners of the award receive a certificate, a cash award of $250 and exemption from dues and submission fees for two consecutive calendar years. The MEEA believes that each winner of the award of this prize should list this honor on their CV or resume.  Winners of the award are expected to remain active in MEEA activities and preferably to eventually assume positions of responsibility and leadership in the Association.  MEEA members as well as non-members are encouraged to spread the information about this prize to junior faculty members, graduate students and young professionals in their respective organizations.


To qualify for the Prize, an applicant must send the paper in electronic form to Professor Jeffrey B. Nugent, Chair of the Selection Committee at or in written form at Department of Economics, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA. 90089-0253 on or before December 10. Each year there is a selection committee of two or three persons.

Nominations can also be suggested by senior economists participating in sessions where they hear or read a paper by a young economist which they believe may qualify for the award.

The prize is not awarded in those years in which none of the papers submitted reached the quality deemed necessary for the Ibn Khaldun Prize.  Alternatively, the MEEA Board may agree to grant more than one Ibn Khaldun prize in a particular year if more than one paper is deemed worthy of the Prize.

For a list of past winners, please see Ibn Khaldun Winners.

Travel Grants


In cooperation with the Economic Research Forum, Professor Hassan Y. Aly, the president of Middle East Economic Association (MEEA), created travel grants for young scholars with promising research so that they would be able to attend the MEEA conferences. The grants are funded by the Economic Research Forum.

For a list of past winners see Travel Grant Recipients.