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Hassan Y. Aly (President)
Economics Department
Ohio State University
410 Arps Hall
Columbus, Ohio 43210
Phone 740-725-6252 
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Button Looking to pay for the MEEA 2013 conference in Speyer, Germany? Here’s what you do:

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  • Early registration until January 31st: $125 dollars or 100 euros.
  • After January 31st: $160 dollars or 125 euros.
  • After February 28th: $200 dollars or 150 euros. Only on-site conference fees collection starting March 1st.

**If you are living in Egypt or for any other reason cannot use the paypal system. Please send your registration as check (from a US bank) or money order in US dollars to

Edward Sayre
MEEA Treasurer
Dept of Political Science and International Development
118 College Drive Box 5108
University of Southern Mississippi
Hattiesburg, MS 39406-0001